Autumn colours
Dublin Bay roses clad the pergolas
Spring snow on Mt Gold
Spring daffodils at Maple Lodge Wanaka
Hot tub and views toward Mt Maude Wanaka

Our stunning park-like garden with its fabulous views towards the Southern Alps will delight you all year round.

In spring the daffodils, camellias, peonies, and rhododendrons provide a wonderful splash of colour even before the maple trees clad themselves in leaves.

During the summer the trees give welcome shade on a warm day and a beautiful green backdrop to the mountain scenery. At this time of year, we also enjoy the fruits of our labour from the garden – seasonal herbs and a range of mouthwatering berries which all take their place amongst our delicious breakfast menu.

As Summer gives way to autumn the mountain climate of cool nights and warm days ensures that over a 6-8 week period our maple trees put on the finest display of autumn colours for miles around. The surplus berries from the garden are made into jam and we continue enjoy our home-grown herbs well into the winter.

Winter brings the snow to the surrounding mountains and the diverse scenery changes once more. The trees lose their leaves as if to make way for the stunning snow topped mountain views and wait for spring  to return.