Enviro-Silver-AwardWe are delighted to have achieved the Qualmark Green award of Enviro-Silver for responsible tourism. This recognises the sustainable practice’s we use at Maple Lodge. To gain the Enviro mark at the Silver standard we have been independently assessed in areas of Water, Energy, Conservation, Community and Waste and demonstrated our commitment to sustainable practice.

Maple Lodge employs a sustainable strategy to provide economic and environmental benefits by:

Operating in a manner to minimise our impact on the environment. We do this by:

  • controlling energy usage
  • reducing waste
  • sourcing local goods
  • using environmentally friendly products
  • recyling

We encourage guests to

  • use local services
  • buy NZ made goods
  • minimise their impact when visiting areas in the NZ landscape
  • recycle while staying at Maple lodge.

Here are some of the ways in which we have built and operate a sustainable manner.


Maple Lodge was designed and constructed considering energy saving and sustainability at every stage.
The orientation of the building takes full advantage of solar gain with the northwest facing guest areas benefiting from solar gain during winter and being kept cool during the summer months.
Insulation was increased from the minimum recommended to the highest.
All windows are double glazed and tinted.
Recycled timbers have been incorporated into the design of the property.


All showers are fitted with the latest technology shower heads to reduce water usage.
Toilets are all dual flush to reduce water consumption.


Low voltage lighting.
Use of auto sensors and timers to reduce power consumption.
Dimmer switches on lighting.
Policy to change to LED lighting.


Most efficient heating options employed throughout.
Timers used on heaters.


  • Food scraps fed to chickens
  • All glass and plastic recycled
  • Unwanted items recycled
  • Printer cartridges recycled
  • Recycled paper used
  • Non-sensitive paper recycled

We support local community and conservation groups by way of donations, fund raising activities and volunteer work. We are also members of Sustainable Wanaka promoting sustainable tourism.

The Future …
We are currently developing a long term sustainable project which guests and the local community will be able to participate in. If you would like to be kept updated about our project please email us from here