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London to Sydney in four hours !!!

They're playing with our minds again ... and they're on a sure-fire winner. Aeronautical designers last week again unleashed their trusty headline-grabber about the imminence of a "Son of Concorde". London to Sydney in four hours, they were saying, in the run-up to next month's Farnborough air show via London to Sydney in four hours | … [Read more...]

Wanaka skifields launch a competing credit pass

Wanaka skifields have launch­­­­­ed a product to compete with NZSki’s NZSuperPass in a bid to target more overseas tourists. Cardrona Alpine Resort and Treble Cone via Wanaka skifields launch a competing credit pass - Queenstown News. … [Read more...]

Matariki – Happy Maori New Year

Matariki is the constellation of stars known as the Plaiedes and also referred to as the Seven Sisters (In Greek Legend the Plaiedes were the seven daughters of Atlas and Pleione).  Matariki's appearance in New Zealand skies marks the start of the Maori New Year. Traditionally these celebrations begin on the sighting of the new moon after the appearance of Matariki. So, on a beautiful, still, but … [Read more...]

Up, up and away for avalanche teams

Handlers and dogs of the Wanaka Search and Rescue search-dog team at their first helicopter exercise for the winter at Treble Cone yesterday. The avalanche dogs of the Southern Lakes region and their handlers spent yesterday dangling on 20m strops, or long-lines, beneath helicopters as they undertook a refresher course at Treble Cone skifield. via Up, up and away for avalanche teams | Otago … [Read more...]

Highflying Adventure in wanaka New Zealand

The Season: June to September; best mid-July to August Savvy skiers know that above all those woolly herds and verdant lowlands lie the Southern Alps, with uncrowded, high-alpine ski resorts and heli-skiing adventures. Beautiful, scene-free and all about having a good time on the snow and off, New Zealand has two major ski resorts on the North Island and seven on its South Island. The latter's … [Read more...]